Sunday, April 28, 2013

CONCERT | Queen Bee

Remember how I told you guys that I got tickets to see Beyonce the 21st of April? No, well than just click on the link and then you know. 

Anyway, Lia (a close friend of mine) and I went by train to the concert together. At first when we arrived at the Ziggo Dome it was insanely busy outside, weird right?! Haha just kidding

 We had seattickets so unfortunately we weren't a few meters away from Queen B. But my god! This concert amazing, with a Capital A! The fact that we were able to be part of this show was enough, of course to be able to touch Mrs. Carter is amazing but the vibe of the show wasn't only on the ground. As soon as the concert began everyone was standing, dancing, singing and - of course I can't forget that- screaming. I was actually surprised I still had my voice after a 2 hour show the next day. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

YOUTUBE | Amazing talent

As soon as I spotted this video on Youtube I became obsessed with the video. It's a audition from Britain's got Talent this year. It's without a doubt a huge hit on Youtube. The fact that they can translate an everyday story into such a masterpiece as this, is amazing and has a word what you call talented inside.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

LOOK | Neon and studs

I absolutely like college, but now I'm just exhausted. It's like everything comes at the same time you know.. Papers, portfolio's, projects, learning, yeah I think that's it. Oh no wait I also need to go to school every day, how could I forget that? I guess that's something I have to accept. 

Okay my complaining is done and now it comes, the look of today. Well not of today to be honest, it's of last weekend when it was amazing weather with sun and not that much wind. Unfortunately the wind is back, yay! Oh that was a bit to enthusiastic, correction; yay....

Thursday, April 11, 2013

LOOK | Boy chic

Yeah! My week full of exams is over, so what's a better way to celebrate it then by posting a new blogpost for you guys? Exactly there isn't a better way. Finally time to write some posts again.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

TRAVEL | Mallorca part 1

Okay it's been a while ago since I've been there, but it's worth to put some photo's and stories on the blog haha. I'm sure you guys would like to hear some juicy and spicy stories from my vacation of 13 days with some of my best friends to Santa Ponsa, Mallorca. 

It began already when we arrived at the airport of Eindhoven. When we were sitting in the plane, me and my friend Amber saw a cute guy working. So of course we needed a picture of him as a memory of the beginning of our amazing vacation. We were all excited, which is barely to see at the pictures below.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

MUSIC | Youtube video's

It's not only a habit but also an addiction to search and listen to the newest talents on Youtube. It's insane how many people are getting discovered trough Youtube, I absolutely like the idea behind it. Some people compare Youtube with talent shows as X factor, not The Voice because than you can't see the face in the first audition. To compare it to X factor isn't fair at all, in fact in my opinion it's way more brave when you're posting videos on Youtube. People are sometimes really harsh and tell people their ugly, I mean what the hell has that to do with singing?