Saturday, March 30, 2013

LOOK | Summernight

Yes, I'm still waiting for the warmseasons to come. Unfortunately it was snowing again this morning. I mean, come on, it's the 30th of March be normal! I still remember of this date last year, people were swimming and nowadays there still on the ice... It's weird, so because I desire to the warm seasons I got a look for the warm seasons. And sorry for posting this post so late, the third period of college is unfortunately the busiest part of the year.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


When I buy magazines, and in my case fashionmagazines like the Vogue, Elle or the Marie Claire, I always get inspired by them. There are usually amazing pictures in and outfits with great combinations. So when I look in those magazines I get an idea what the trends were again. I mean I do look the fashionshows of course, but having it all packed together is way easier. It's not that I follow every trend right away. I look at the trends and wonder if I would dress like this and if it's my style, so not? Then the trend isn't the one for me.
Every year there are a few trends which doesn't fit me, well I'm all right with it.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

LOOK | Blanc Noir

I think that there's something we all love to see and enjoy, especially when it has been such cold and bad weather the last month. Yes, I'm talking about the sun. The weatherman in our country are saying the weather is gonna be better soon. So what way is better for getting excited for the spring and summer season then by getting dressed for those seasons.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

NYFW | Day 8

And then there was suddenly the last day of New York Fashion Week with Calvin Klein en Ralph Lauren. These are always two designers I really look forward seeing the show.

The last show of New York Fashion Week was there, Calvin Klein. The collection was really focussing on the waists of the models, which I definitely like a lot. By getting attention on the waist it gives an outfit just that extra piece of femininity that you sometimes need. There was a lot of leather in the show. Whole outfits are existing out of leather, however that isn't a bad sign. Of course it would be not a very great collection if it's only existing out of leather. The fact Calvin Klein used different sort of colours in de leather looks and is getting the attention the the waist makes definitely sense. In that way the outfit won't get boring and that's the same for the whole collection actually. The designs were so made that it's simple but at the same time powerfull.

But before the Calvin Klein there was Ralph Lauren. The designs of the Ralph Lauren show were exciting and surprising at the same time. You're probably thinking right now: Why were they so exciting and surprising? Well there's a good reason to call the collection and designs exciting and surprising. It looks like every single fabric that is existing was used.There was velvet, leather, fur and a thousand other fabrics. Okay that might be a little to much, however they did used a lot. Surprisingly were the gorgeous dresses, with a great eye for detail on the whole collection the designers have nothing to complain about. I guess this is gonna be a collection which sells good. Not just good by the way, it's gonna sell amazing.

Monday, March 18, 2013

MUSIC | Inspiration

Hello there, 
You guys probably know the feeling, you're walking alone and you put your music on and immediately begin to smile and sing.

Besides fashion, dancing and cooking is music also a passion of me. It doesn't matter where I am, at school or at home, I listen and dance to it all the time.When I typed the last sentence I kinda feel addicted haha. Music is something beautiful. It shares basically the diary of someone like Taylor Swift or Beyonce. Talking about Beyonce she wrote her last album while thinking: I don't care what people think of it, I want to be proud of it and I want to tell a story. I find this so inspirational.Oh and what do you guys think of her newest song Bow down of her upcoming album? In my opinion I think it's not my favourite Beyonce song, I'm more of the songs like Schoolin' life, End of time and Halo.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Timeless item | Black boyfriend blazer

A definition of a timeless item for me is definitely a boyfriend blazer. Combine a wide and long falling boyfriend blazer with  everything you would like. Black is the ideal colour to combine clothes with, the same as white or a jeans colour. The fact about a wide and long boyfriend blazer is it looks classy and chic, but at the same time you can look a bit bad ass. All right, bad ass is a bit to much haha. But it gives your outfit this extra little touch so your outfit isn't looking to chic or to classy for a normal day.

I have a black boyfriend blazer from Maison Martin Margiela for H&M. This blazer is a hard one and isn't easy to get in the perfect model. But when you've got it right, it looks much better than before. I'm wearing the blazer also in this post, so tell me what do you think of a boyfriend blazer as a timeless item? Do you've got also a boyfriend blazer? Or maybe the same as mine, what's your opinion of the blazer?

NYFW | Day 7

To chose two shows of this day was though, really though. But I made a decision. Michael Kors and J. Mendel are the two shows I'm writing about. The shows I was deciding out of were also Milly by Michelle Smith and Anna Sui, both designers are amazing and are very talented as well as the two designers I'm writing about this time. If you would like to watch the Milly show or Anna Sui, just click on the links.

Michael Kors is a designer who keeps surprising his audience. Kors began his career in fashion at the age of 19 designing and merchandising a collection for the renowned boutique Lothar’s in New York City. This label exists since 1981, pretty long already right? This collection is one of the many collections this season with prints. Kors also makes sure that the camouflage trend of last season still continues. In my opinion I just wear what I like combined with some trendy items, but for the ones who totally want to be completely trendy they don't need to throw their camouflage items away. I really loved the bright colours Kors used. Some of the looks are so simple, but look at the same time so classy that I really admire his design skills. And to make long short, I liked his collection haha.


Then J. Mendel. All I've got to say about this collection are the following words: Damn, this collection are a masterpiece. Absolutely stunning. His collection is so gorgeous that I can't believe that there would be anyone who doesn't love at least  8 looks of his collection. Truly insane this collection. This is why I love watching fashionshows, a lot of different material was used, different silhouettes, some trousers between all the dresses and the perfect combination of lace and other fabrics. This collection was really fascinating to see. My props to J. Mendel! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

FOOD | Making a 3 course Part 1

I really, but really, like to cook. So when my mum asked me to cook a 3 course dinner for 10 people I said of course yes. It took some preparation, but it was worth it. The guests ate a lot, so I guess that's a good sign right?

You might think, why the hell is she talking about a dinner this is a fashionblog? Well I was thinking that you guys maybe would like to have to recipe and I'm kinda turning this blog really into my thing with fashion of course, but than a little bit more personal. With sometimes some cooking things, of course fashion and even some concerts. So one million styles it is right?  So here's the recipe than finally haha.

The dinner started with a pasta salad with pesto, red union, paprika and collar. The fact about this recipe is that's so easy to make and it takes some preparation, but when you've done that it'll be ready in about10 minutes.

So if you would like to make it yourself, the recipe is below. I got the recipe from a Dutch site which I forgot, but the recipe is so easy to make that you won't need it any more after making this dish.
- olive oil (a good one)
- a red and yellow paprika
- cherry tomatoes (about 10, if you would like to add some more just do it, the tomatoes aren't going to dominate the dish)
- 1,5 red union
- 2 pieces of garlic
- 2 spoons of pesto (or a handful of basil or you just do it both haha)
- pepper and salt
- a quarter of  a red pepper
- pasta (500 gram)
- collar
(if you would like to make some more, you just take more pasta, pesto, collar, paprika, tomatoes and pepper)

Step one
Cut the union and paprikas in slices. Take the seeds out of the quater of red pepper and cut in it little pieces. 
Step two
Put a pan with water on a gas burner or whatever thing you're cooking on haha. You need to look at the sticker of the pasta for how much water. 
Step 3
When the water is boiling you add the pasta and the cherry tomatoes. Because the tomatoes are boiling with the pasta they become sweet and fall mostly apart in the pasta.

Step 4 
Put 3 spoons of olive oil in a cooking pan. After the cooking pan became hot you're adding the union, paprika and pepper. You need to add some black pepper and salt to them. You can also add some Italian herbs. At last you're adding the garlic pieces by squeezing them in a garlicthingie haha. I don't know how you guys call it in English. Or if you don't have one of them you can also cut the garlic in little pieces.

Step 5
Bake the things in the cooking pan until there  cooked- through. The union is ready when they become light transparent. When everything is cooked- through put it on a low fire.
Step 6
When everything in the cooking pan in cooked- through the pasta and the cherry tomatoes probably will be ready to. It depends on which pasta you're using. Make sure you drain off the pasta correctly.  Turn the gas burner off of both places then add the pasta to the cooking pan.

Step 7 
Add the pesto and stir it in the pan. After this you're adding the collar and stir it again a few times.

Last time I ate it with some fresh bread out of the oven, but you can eat it with everything you want of course.

Well, then there's one last thing to say,

Bon appetit

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

NYFW | Day 6

The 6th day of New York Fashion Week on the 12th of February was THE day of Vera Wang and Diesel Black and Gold. Also Badgley Mischaka's collection appeared on the catwalk this day, I decided to tell you guys something about Vera Wang and Diesel. I didn't write about Badgley Mischka. They have amazing dresses, I can't deny that, but I thought their spring and summer collection was more fresh. I know, I know. It's their fall/winter collection, but some things can be a little less brave. Badgley and Mischka have been hailed by Vogue as one of the "Top 10 American Designers", totally deserved in my opinion and I totally understand why people on the red carpet would like to wear their dresses. There were a lot of gorgeous items in their collection, so watch the show here.

So Vera Wang than. The thing about Vera Wang is that she is so refreshing. Every collection is totally different than the last collection. So refreshing is exactly the right word for her collection, although it's the fall and winter collection she's using some different fabrics which makes her collection flawless and wearable. The prints she used aren't annoying, but have exactly the right proportion and colours. I don't know how she does it, year after year, as a lot of other designers  of course, but being a designer is a though and hard working job. 

Diesel Black and Gold was black. Really black with a few white items between. I think it's great how they created such a great collection almost all in black. You need to be so creative as hell haha, but how are they doing it? It's amazing! They made such a wonderful collection with a lot, and then I mean a lot, of different material. That's the only thing you can do if you want to turn a mostly black collection into a success. And they definitely succeed. With a collection like this, so wearable and at the same time a bit tomboyish. Well I'm a fan!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

LOOK | Flowerpower bikerchic

It's been a while since there was my last post with a new look. Also thanks to last fashionweekseason, I was a bit too busy with watching shows and pictures, but here's finally a new look. 

Remember I told you guys on my twitter that I went in Utrecht shopping with my mum? Well the blouse is one of my new purchases and I absolutely adore the flowerprint. Just easy for a day to hang out with some friends or go to college of course. The flowerprint makes the blouse immediately an eye catcher, so a few accessories, black trousers and sneakers. Well remember I said in this post I really didn't want to have any other sneakerwedges than Isabel Marant? So I looked everywhere and they weren't of course anywhere available... And I really wanted to have sneakerwedges so badly that I just bought a very good replica of the Isabel Marant sneakers. These ones are from Steve Madden and were available. So you might think why the hell did she said in the first place she didn't wanted to have something else then Isabel? Well there's one simple answer for that, I got so lost in loving Isabel Marant I missed a little important detail. I really didn't saw it coming that it's a little, tiny bit too expensive haha.

 Leather Bikerjacket  -  Only   Trousers - River Island  Velvet blazer  - Vintage 
Blouse - Vero Moda  Sneakers - Steve Madden  Necklace - H&M

Thursday, March 7, 2013

NYFW | Day 5

The designers of Day 5 of NYFW were definitely Carolina Herrera and Marc by Marc Jacobs. These two are amazing designers with every year on and on great pieces which are selling amazingly good over the whole wide world. Were their collections also great this year? Oh yes, they were!

Marc by Marc Jacobs is every year another great, but pleasant suprise. This year he chose to be different then the other shows of NYFW again. The collection was very fun to watch and at the same time pretty wearable. With wide, long coats and attention on the waist he combined a few of the trends of this fall and winter in a colourful mixed show. The fact he used a lot of colour spoke to me. A few designers this fashionweek took fall and winter a little to serious with their collection totally in black or dark colours. Marc Jacobs didn't. If you've seen this show you'll get immediately a smile on your face of all the different colours and looks. He also used a lot of prints which reminds me of the sixties, there's nothing wrong with a bit of discofever right? haha

Secondly Carolina Herrera. Carolina Herrera has always a very feminine collection. The models always look chic, but not to chic if you guys know what I mean. The collection is this year also  existing of long, feminine dresses. There was a lot of attention on the waists of the models which I liked. She used different sorts of fabric as velvet and leather in her looks. It's a whole other collection of last year, but you can definitely see that this is the Carolina Herrera collection. Carolina Herrera used the prints in this collection a good and classy way, if she didn't it would've looked trashy and cheap. This is everything except trashy. An amazing collection, by an amazing designer. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

NYFW | Day 4

After day 3 of NYFW there was of course day 4. Day 4 was for me the day of DKNY, Y-3 and Diane von Furstenberg.


Donna Karan New York (DKNY) is always a great pleasure to watch. The designers of DKNY are always working with amazing fabrics, nothing looks ever cheap ass. Every time I've watched this show I get excited. It's just simply amazing. They've worked with some leopard prints, leather pieces, long and wide coats (as probably the rest of the NYFW shows) and long dresses. They also used the colourblocking trend with colours as camel, black, blue and white, which turned out to be very wearable. The main idea I get from the show is feminine and wear ability with some wide men pieces, so of course I totally love this show since I adore wide coats and blazers.

Diane von Furstenberg is always a pleasure to watch. The models are able to smile instead of normally looking a but grumpy, not that I don't like that, but that just makes this show different and less formal and serious. The show was all about colours, prints, metallics and strong women. The looks were absolutely wonderful and there was one specific looks I adored. The look is a metallic look with a print on a skirt and coat, but at the same time there are some leather pieces on the coat. The blouse underneath the coat is purple metallic. It's just stunning. I would walk away with this look immediately. 


Y-3 was all about dark colours. They took fall and winter very serious and probably created therefore a dark collection. This doesn't mean that I didn't liked the show, because I loved it. The looks were very simple and easy to wear, that's the whole idea of the ready to wear collection right? So they did a great job, especially when you're talking about the many timeless items that I saw in the show. I saw a great black bomberjacket that I would love to have, so I got some saving to do. But that's not the only great and timeless piece I spotted. I spotted a great camel/grey trenchcoat, an absolutely stunning item in my opinion.

The photo's are all from


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Timeless item | Leather bikerjacket

Almost everyday I'm wearing that baby. It's so easy and comfortable that you just can't miss an item like this in your coats and jackets collection.

The thing about bikerjackets is that their making your outfit look sexy and casual, but at the same    time it makes you look a bit tough looking. And that's the part that I mostly like, because when you're combine a jacket like this with for example this lace skirt which I'm wearing in this post. Your outfit goes from a bit girly, to a bit tough looking and a bit more sexy look. 

I've got almost the same bikerjacket as in these pics below and I just love it. This leather bikerjacket is from Asos by the way.

Image 3 of Whistles Mila Leather Jacket

Friday, March 1, 2013

NYFW | Day 3

After the second day of New York Fashionweek there came the third day out of all eight. At the third day of fashionweek in the fashioncapital of the world it was time for Lacoste, Jill Stuart and Hervé Leger.I've always loved Hervé Leger and Jill Stuart, their stuff is so pretty and wearable. Lacoste is more the sporty side of me, sometimes I've got this mood of course:)

Lacoste was really bringing colorblocking back in, sometimes even combined with transparent fabrics. They did take a risk with the transparency, it could've looked trashy, but luckily for Lacoste it turned out to be anything than trashy. What I also noticed were all the long and wide coats again, a lot of shows this season have some wide and long coats in their collection.


Jill Stuart was all about the prints and wavy dresses. There was, as always, a lot of feminine in the collection. In my opinion every women would like to wear Jill Stuart. The strong collection disappoints no one, exactly what I was thinking before I even saw the pictures of the show. Jill Stuart never, ever disappoints anyone. The collections are always strong and wearable, mixed with a lot of feminine and at the same time really classy. Seriously Jill Stuart is one of my favourite designers and now you guys know why. 

Hervé Leger by Max Azria was a great show. It's amazing how Max Azria can design collections like this one. He combines lace and the figures of the models together. That basically creates some wonderful looks. This whole collection isn't just a normal collection. He knows exactly what women want. How? I really have no freaking idea, but he's just a genius. A lot of prints were also found in this collection and I loved every single piece of the fall and winter collection of 2013. The models also worn almost all caps, which brings a bit of a tomboy look into the classy looks. Absolutely stunning!

First two pictures are of Hervé Leger, second two are from Jill Stuart:)