Thursday, February 28, 2013

Addiction | Statement necklaces

It's official! I'm addicted to statement necklaces. These necklaces makes sure you're outfit just pops up. Since I started blogging last september, my style has changed. Obviously not only by these statement necklaces, but by caring less about what people think. I used to think, oh well maybe they would laugh at me. I really don't care any more. I'm just express myself by wearing clothes and accessories. The one day I'm felling a bit tomboy chic and another day I'm just feeling so girly as hell haha.

But back to the necklaces. My collection isn't that big. But I think it will get much bigger. My first statement necklace I bought was in last November I think. And when did I bought the last one? Yesterday haha.

So here are my statement necklaces right now. In about a month I think there are at least four more haha.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

PFW | H&M fashionshow

Some of you may know this, but some of you don't. So why wouldn't I tell you guys? H&M is presenting an autumn/ winter 2013 show during Paris Fashion Week. When? Today! Yes!

In about 30 minutes the show is about to hit live on this livestream site. When you're watching you're basically sitting on the front row and you even got some backstage items to see. So make sure you're watching this H&M show live, because as we're used to during Paris Fashion Week, this is gonna be a great show.