Friday, November 30, 2012

Shopping?! I couldn't resist it..

Since it's weekend, I tought it was nice to celebrate this after a week of school. And so said, so done. I went to the primark with me, myself and I haha. No, I went alone and I didn't mind. After 2 hours of 'shopping' in the Primark I had some new stuff:)
Unfortunately I'm right now in the train and it's raining very hard! The worst part is that I still need to cycle back home:( with my Primark bag, which can't stand any rain...

Thursday, November 29, 2012

LOOK | Winterwonderland? Not yet, unfortunately!

While fall is coming faster every day I'm starting to  become a bit depressed. In Holland there's are a few things of fall that I hate; Rain, windy and cold, most of the time it rains, the wind is really hard and it's cold at the same time. For me, who cycles everyday to that trainstation, that's not a great combination, but hey I have to deal with it...

As you guys can see in the following pictures this was a cold day, with rain and yes of course how could I have missed it: Wind. Since my jacket and my boots are waterproof that's a better combination. Luckely it didn't rain that hard:)
I look forward to winter by the way, not only because the snow and ice on the lake and land behind my parents house, but also because it's a romantic fashion season. And it's just a cosy season, having a familydinner on Christmas eve is one of my favorite things to do and last but not least New Years Eve with my family and friends:)

What are you looking forward to? Tell me:)


Jacket   -  Boutique in Amsterdam     Jersey  -   Only      Spikerjacket  -  Only Play                            Trousers     -    River Island          Boots    -      Bullboxer        
                                   Clutch       -      Primark           Bracelets        -     Primark
                                                      Nailpolish      -      O.P.I.

Friday, November 23, 2012

LOOK | Colourfull cowboy blouse

This time the weather is way to cold for naked leggs, so no dress this time. I usually don't like to wear dresses with a panty or something underneath it, but unfortunately it's way to cold from now on to wear it without those life savers:)

So that's one of the main reasons that I usually wear cardigans or jeans in these seasons, but this season I'm gonna change that. I've got a lot of skirts and dressses that I easily could wear in the cold seasons. You guys can check that out in some other posts later on my blog.

I wore a lovely, light and comfortable jeans today. As you can see in the pictures below I wore it with a colourfull blouse, the colours in that blouse just makes me happy, at least that's what I think of the colours and that's of course why I bought the blouse in the first place.

Jacket     -    Zara     Blouse    -     2DaysLook        Tanktop   -    Pieces      Jeans   -    Daysie      Shoes    -   All Stars   Bracelets   -   Primark        Mobile phone   -   Samsung Txt

Thursday, November 22, 2012

POST | My cycling path every day

Since I'm still on school, well in college actually but it's the same to me, I need to cycle every single day to a trainstation since my little village with 350 inhabitants doesn't have a station. Though it's not really bad to cycle every morning and afternoon, sometimes in the evening but I don't like that because that means that I was untill like 5 o' clock or something busy on school... When I was cycling back from the station today I shot some nice pictures so you guys can see a bit where I live and what I'm seeing every single day.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

LOOK | An autumn day in the park

Most of the time it's raining and windy in Holland when autumn is there.
However some days there is an exception. This was one of the lucky days. I went to the park in a little town close to my village with some friends.

To bring a bit of colour in my outfit I wore a yellow lace dress and my blue heels. Every year when autumn is coming I'm thinking; ' This is such a boring fashion season'. But nothing more is wrong than this sentence! You just need to combinate your own style with autumn. So did I as you guys can see in the following pictures below:)

Dress   -    H&M      Cardigan    -     Gestuz       Shoes   -    La Strada     Bag   -    Burkely
                                     Bracelets (left & right arm)  -   Primark

Friday, November 16, 2012

LOOK | A day off

I'm really not a winter person, in my opinion the summer is better than the winter. Not only because the hot weather, the sea, the beach and the sun, but also because I've got so many clothes for spring and summer which I can easily combine contrary to the winter I don't have as many items as I should have had. So shopping time again I guess?!
I think you still could wear this look, just grab a white or beige cardigan and there's a winteroutfit. But unfortunately I still don't own this cardigan, so first thing first is go find a white or beige cardigan.

 Shirt  -  Primark    Trousers  - Steps    Shoes   -  La Strada    Bag   -  Pieces    Bracelets  -  Primark   Necklace  -  Primark

Thursday, November 15, 2012

NEW IN | Sweater

Finally my order has arrived with a lovely sweater in it! I ordered this item some weeks ago and couldn't wait to wear it. So I'm really happy it came yesterday. I adore this item, especially for the fall and winter season, it keeps me warm when I need it the most:)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Bag | My paper bag

I don't know if you guys ever heard of this bag, but I absolutly love this one. It's an awesome bizon leather version of the real paperbag! The bag fits with all your clothes, unless you want to be real chic, but that speaks for yourself I guess. The first time I've heard of this bag was I guess a month ago and now I am totally in love with this bag. The bag is 110 euros and the best part of the bag: It's a fair trade product:)

For you guys who never heard of the bag before, there are some pictures below.