Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trend update | Animals

Last fashion season we had the owl on shirts, as a ring and as a necklace. This season we've got the fox in stead of the owl! I absolutly love the whole animal look, with owl's, foxes and tigers on the front of your sweater or shirt, print of course:)

I also like leopard printed shoes and snake printed bags, or some snake printed trousers, the animal print shirts, trousers, bags or shoes are collector items and at least one of those printed clothes or accesoires in your wardrobe, so  you just need to have some of them in your closet if you ask me. An awesome part of this trend is it's easy to combine with a black trouser, or just a white shirt( in case you wear snake printed trousers) and you've got a whole up- to- date fashionable look.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

High dark blue booties, finally!

Finally I've got high heels, well they are booties actually but they are 13 cm high:) As soon as I saw these stunning booties in the store I needed to have those in my collection. So I ordered these beautiful booties 2 weeks ago, when those 2 long weeks were over I got a phonecall so that I can pick the shoes up from the store.
So now you guys probaly wonder how they look like:)
Check them out and tell me what you think of the bootie, the height and the awesome dark blue color.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Look | Day in town

For just a day in town I decided to go for a simple and classy look, the jacket is easy to combine with a jeans, a dress, basically with anything!
I adore the brown blazer, because it's takes care of the classy side of this outfit.

Blazer - Only   Top - Only  Jeans - Boutique in my hometown   Shoes - Birkenstock
Clutch -  Primark   Bracelets - Primark  Ring (left hand) - H&M   Ring (right hand) - Primark

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mango outlet

Omg when I heard there would be a Mango outlet I was so excited:) now you can buy some clothes from a few seasons ago and give it your own twist or combine it with the trends of this season for a trendy outfit! It's cheaper and trendy, what do you want more?

The link is:

So enjoy shopping at Mango:)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Look | Leather day

The musthave of this season is absolutly a leather bikerjacket but since I already have that item it's not on my wishlist anymore:)

I absolutly loveeee the leather trend of this season, so I was thinking: Hey why wouldn't I wear almost a whole leatherlook?
Not only because leather is so easy to combine but if you wear leather clothes the right way, it looks also trendy and chic. Of course if you wear it the wrong way then you look kinda trassy... That's not what we want to look like, right? But how do your wear the leather trend?
It's easy:
If you combine a leather trouser with a shirt or sweater and you put some boots, sneakers (isabel marant) or high heels at your feet, then you've got an awesome and trendy combination of clothes. Just finish it with some nice accessories, a nice coat or jacket and of course a bag:)
So did I (as you can see yourself in the pictures below).

Top - Only, Leather trousers - Some store Alkmaar, Leather jacket - Only, Shoes - All-Star,
Bag - Esprit, Scarf - Vintage store Amsterdam,  Bracelets -  Primark, Necklace - H&M