Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wishlist fall & winter 2012

As soon as I saw the shows of the fall and winter trends of this season I made myself a wishlist. I mean everybody wants some new clothes and accessories once and a while.
What is you're wishlist? Or what's you're musthave fashion item of this season?

Wishlist fall & winter season 2012
- printed trousers
- a hat
- purple blouse
- perfect studded boots
- the perfect trenchcoat (that's of course the burberry camel coat, who wouldn't want that beauty in their closet?)
Or I would like to search for a perfect colored (fake) fur coat:)
- a new colorful bag
- a comic printed sweatshirt
- high heels (I am looking for a while now, for some nice beautiful high heels, so let's hope I find them this season:))

So tell me what's you're wishlist:)

Love Manon

Friday, September 21, 2012

Look | Streetstyle chic

With Autumn starting right now (although I think it started in Holland way earlier, since the end of august the weather was getting cold and rainy, I didn't liked that..) we need to keep us warm. Although it's not that cold right now, you can always use a scarf. This outfit is for just a regular day in town and if it's freezing? Than you can wear some tights under your jeans or skirt so you can still wear your summerwedges or hills in autumn and winter, by the way I've got some lace tights which I adore!
So I picked for this look my new primark peplumed top with a jeans and some wedges from a lovely boutique in Amsterdam, my coat is from Zara  by the way:)

Enjoy reading,
Love Manon

Monday, September 17, 2012

Moschino Cheap and Chic, London Fashion Week

Moschino Cheap and Chic
I absolutely loved the show of Moschino Cheap and Chic, there was a lot of color blocking with colors like purple, orange and apple green. A lot of prints again with powerful colors like purple. There was also a lot of creativity with fruits, for example a pineapple bag or earrings, which I extremely liked.

Some fashionista's said that the bustiers and the naked belly button was a no go for next spring and summer, but Moschino proved them wrong! The bustier is of course only pretty if you have a slim body figure. Moschino brought something else back, the big buttons in every color. If those buttons are on a jacket or something it gives the jacket a whole different touch, which I extremely like, so I'm definitively going to search for the perfect jacket or blazer with big buttons.
There were also a lot of outfits mixed with translucent fabrics, I kinda liked that one, but it was a bit to naked for me, but that's my opinion of course.

White is by the way THE summer color, every designer used it in their collection including Moschino.
There were also big bracelets in all sorts of colors, big sunglasses are making there comeback, a lot of decorations on blazers and dresses and maxi dresses. And orange suits isn't a exception. There were also a lot of sporty outfits, with sporty shorts, pants and jackets. Oh and guys who thought that the collars were for one season is wrong, luckily Moschino Cheap and Chic is bringing the collars another season to the runway.

The planning of the show was great, the performer and the surroundings and the place of the fashionshow were, as we get used to with Moschino, amazing.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


As you guys know, I wrote yesterday on the blog that I would make a story about Rag&Bone and Moschino. So here it is:) I really enjoyed watching the show of Moschino, unfortunately I couldn't watch Rag&Bone because this show hasn't been filmed:(

When I wanted to watch the Moschino fashionshow, Issa Londons fashionshow was still busy, so I watched a part of that either.

As soon as I saw the pictures of the Rag&Bone fashionshow I was thinking: Yes they did it again! It's so inspiring how they make new ideas and new designs each year. The way the models of Rag&Bone get styled is unbelievable! And the way that the fashionshow was setup, one word, AMAZING! As soon as the models came on the runway, in groups of 5, I was amazed by the set up! With mirrors in the scenery and the models turning from the front to the back so you can really have a good look of the outfits. The outfits of Rag&Bone were stunning as usual, with a lot of bright colors like blue and green, there was also a lot of white. There were long white coats, big white bags, white to the knee skirts (with a bit of see through) and white heels.
Beside a lot of white their was also place for some prints and orange dresses:)

It was an amazing show with great creations made by great designers:)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Moschino's time London Fashion Week

Omg guys, it's almost Moschino's time to go on the runway,
If you guys wanna watch the show by the way just click on the link underneath and then click on live:)
then you can watch the fashion show:)
At 9 pm you can watch the show, so in about 5minutes:)

Tommorrow there will be a report about Rag&Bone and Moschino;)

Favorite kitty of the world <3

Awh look at this guys, when I came home this morning after a work out in a swimming pool I let our kitty into the livingroom and she was sooo sweet (as you can see)

By the way first day of the London fashion week is over and yeaah today is gonna be a great day! With in two hours there's Rag & Bone and tonight it's Moschino's time, sooo excited:) I'm looking forward seeing the pictures and video's tommorow:)

Friday, September 14, 2012


When I was putting some pictures from my camera to the computer I was thinking he, maby I could do something fun with it:)
And so I did, it was actually the first time ever that I've done something like this, so it's gets better I promise:) The picture is underneath my lines.

By the way, you guys all know probably that the New York Fashion Week ended yesterday and I watched some of the shows and pictures while I was sitting at home. And I need to say, it looked pretty awesome! If you look at the new trends, you see that there's a lot of color and prints in the spring/ summer season of 2013. I loved by the way Donna karan's show! A picture of the show is underneath.

Next is London Fashion Week and unfortunately I'm also at home while this is happening.. Let's hope that I'm there next year:) And I look forward seeing all the photo's of the different shows. By the way I'm most excited about the shows from Moschino and Rag and Bone, there are a lot more shows of course that I probably would love, but I'm interested how these two make the show a big success again, like last year!
What shows are you excited about?:)


Primark time!

Since I had just 10 minutes of school today I decided to go to the primark in Zaandam. After one hour walking in the store and give some critism and suggestions to people, I walked out of the store with some new purchases.
This day I was wearing: a black leather biker jacket from only (from a colletion 2 years ago), white blouse from primark, red vans, a bag from burkely, and bracelets on both arms from the primark.
My purchases are a red clutch, some studded bracelets, a ring, a big necklace, a peplum black top and a white/black top with prints.
I love my new clothes and accessories already!:)

Enjoy reading,
Love Manon

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hi there,

You guys may think, oh goss there's the next blog and you guys are right! I mean the past few years there have been thousands of blogs, but this one is different, I hope.

So let me introduce myself:
My name is Manon van Schagen, I'm a 18 year old girl from a little Dutch village with I guess almost 350 people living there. I love fashion, being around my friends and go out with them, I shop of course and I love to sport, otherwise my parents get so exhausted by me being way to energetic that I guess my parents would kick me out of the house. And I also like to travel, when I’m older I would like to travel around the world and see the beautiful nature and meet all sorts of people in a different lifestyle and atmosphere.

You can describe my style as comfortable, classy and sporty with a twist. I'm basically writing on this blog about fashion, my purchases, and about the countries I travelled to.

So I guess it’s time to shut up now:),
I will post the first real post within a few days.

Enjoy reading my blog!:)