Monday, December 31, 2012


Seriously guys, when I'm thinking about it, it doesn't even seems to be New Years Eve. It's so weird, but there's no feeling of the NYE mood, yet! Not yet, but it all changes tonight, it's now 6 o'clock in Holland so 6 more hours till 2013! When I'm typing this post right now the excitement luckily begins to come. Tonight I will be celebrating NYE with my friends and family. I'm staying untill 10 o'clock at home, then I'm going to my friends house and after that I'm going out with my friends tonight and just enjoy the party and the happiness all around me. And of course I'm going to phone my parents, if it's possible and the phone network is working, probably not unfortunately.

Were going to a party which is extremely expensive, al right no not at all, it costs 2 Euro to be inside. When we wanted to buy the tickets for the party tonight, they were on-line all sold out and also at the places were the party is tonight. So there were a few panic attacks a few hours before writing this post , but after a while a great friend of my bought some tickets in a bar for tonight. So of course my friends and I were as happy as, I don't know, we were/ are just really happy. Especially because the tickets for are right now, really, but really sold out and we have tickets!

I just want to wish all of you guys a happy new year, with all the best of luck! I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people around me and for being healthy. Just enjoy your family, friends and other people around you a bit more, that's also my New Years resolution.

                       What are your New Years resolutions? Feel free to tell me:)

                                                         Happy New Year!


The days of Christmas have been amazing, full of enjoying my beloved ones and hang around the fireplace with my friends, going to town to drink a few cups of tea with other friends en going out with my amazing friends. it was all amazing and I enjoyed it for sure. My Christmas was with my grandma and my family, one of my brothers was finally home, he's studying in Groningen, coming over every weekend is too expensive.  So we missed him of course, my other brother still lives at home. So when my oldest brother was home again it felt like one big happy family, which I enjoyed of course!
My gifts were absolutely amazing, I got a necklace in the shape of a heart from my family. I also got a ring form my grandmaJ
So how was your Christmas? Also enjoyed your family? 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Trend update | Baroque

Since the day I saw some baroque on the runway during fashionweek, I saw a lot of baroque in the Dolce & Gabbana show, I adore it. The thing with baroque is that it makes you feel classy and chic, even if you wear some baroque trousers with a simple white shirt and some flats. That's basically why I absolutely need some baroque trousers. I've been looking for these for a while now and still no luck... Hopefully I'll find them sooner then later.

Today it's of course the day before Christmas Eve, I'm celebrating Christmas with my grandma and my family tommorow. So unfortunately no Christmas gifts for me today yet, but I'll post tommorow or the last Christmas day, my Christmasgifts on the blog. The last day of Christmas I'll be going out with my amazing friends and enjoy Christmas.
About two weeks ago it was snowing like mad in Holland, so as probably everybody wishes for, I wished for a white Christmas... There's no snow unfortunately, but maybe next year there's more luck.

Enjoy your Christmas days with your friends and family and all the best wishes guys!

What are you guys doing right now on Christmas Eve, first Christmasday and the last?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

LOOK | Red beanies

Since today is 12-12-12 I decided to take a day off from school.. No, okay, I'm just kidding. Today I had a free day, so no going to school today, though I need to make a lot of stuff for school, so busy? Yes, always! But that doesn't mean that I'm writing less on my blog:)

I promised you guys yesterday that there would be a new post and a new look today, well.... Here it is:)

This look is just an awesome look for the cold days, the red beanie is here to bring some fun and colour to this outfit and also because I just like the colour red. Red is just so colourfull and fun, when I see red clothes hanging in a store the colour just speaks to me in a way and if I was in a bad mood, well it turned immediately from grumpy to a bit more friendly:)

Enjoy 12-12-12 guys:)


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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winterwonderland? A bit:)

I've cycled from the station to home and I've shot some nice pictures for you guys. There is not a lot of snow left unfortanately, when I woke up this morning there was snow everywhere:). However when I arrived in Amsterdam there was nothing! The first picture was taken in Amsterdam.

Tommorow there is a new post with a new look. Enjoy the pictures and the rest of your day:)

Monday, December 10, 2012

NEW IN | Golden times

I've ordered a new watch from casio on and the package with the watch in it arrived saturday. It's such a great watch and I'm gonna use it every day from now on. Here I enjoyed my time with my watch on Amsterdam central station today with my friends (the birds haha). 
Enjoy your day guys:)

Friday, November 30, 2012

Shopping?! I couldn't resist it..

Since it's weekend, I tought it was nice to celebrate this after a week of school. And so said, so done. I went to the primark with me, myself and I haha. No, I went alone and I didn't mind. After 2 hours of 'shopping' in the Primark I had some new stuff:)
Unfortunately I'm right now in the train and it's raining very hard! The worst part is that I still need to cycle back home:( with my Primark bag, which can't stand any rain...

Thursday, November 29, 2012

LOOK | Winterwonderland? Not yet, unfortunately!

While fall is coming faster every day I'm starting to  become a bit depressed. In Holland there's are a few things of fall that I hate; Rain, windy and cold, most of the time it rains, the wind is really hard and it's cold at the same time. For me, who cycles everyday to that trainstation, that's not a great combination, but hey I have to deal with it...

As you guys can see in the following pictures this was a cold day, with rain and yes of course how could I have missed it: Wind. Since my jacket and my boots are waterproof that's a better combination. Luckely it didn't rain that hard:)
I look forward to winter by the way, not only because the snow and ice on the lake and land behind my parents house, but also because it's a romantic fashion season. And it's just a cosy season, having a familydinner on Christmas eve is one of my favorite things to do and last but not least New Years Eve with my family and friends:)

What are you looking forward to? Tell me:)


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Friday, November 23, 2012

LOOK | Colourfull cowboy blouse

This time the weather is way to cold for naked leggs, so no dress this time. I usually don't like to wear dresses with a panty or something underneath it, but unfortunately it's way to cold from now on to wear it without those life savers:)

So that's one of the main reasons that I usually wear cardigans or jeans in these seasons, but this season I'm gonna change that. I've got a lot of skirts and dressses that I easily could wear in the cold seasons. You guys can check that out in some other posts later on my blog.

I wore a lovely, light and comfortable jeans today. As you can see in the pictures below I wore it with a colourfull blouse, the colours in that blouse just makes me happy, at least that's what I think of the colours and that's of course why I bought the blouse in the first place.

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